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For decades, escapology has been referred to merely in the physical sense; it is only in the last few years that it has become a state of mind nurtured to aid those from the negative mental tendencies of everyday life. Breaking the destructive chain of behaviour has proven one of the most difficult obstacles for smokers. The age-old tale of toughing it out, going cold turkey or relying wholeheartedly on other means such as menial patches and gum to assist in recovery has forgotten one integral element to escape from smoking: a healthy mindset. Fitness and health coach, Tim Williamson, looks at smoking from the inside out, constructing a focus that involves interaction, perception, responsibility and behavioural understanding before combating the cancer sticks.

Williamson has also recently had published ‘Escape From Debt’, where the principals of mental escapology are applied to helping the reader deal with financial difficulties.

The great thing about these affordable books is that you can actually read them in one sitting, and that Williamson writes in a personable perspective from very real experience. Never intimidating, always inviting, these are two self-help books worth investing in.

Latoyah Forsythe, Cream Magazine

Escape from Dieting

Gold medal 2012 Elit awards - Psychology and mental health

Silver medal 2012 Elit awards - Fitness, health and nutrition

How to lose weight effectively and keep it off?

If you've been searching for a way to reduce weight and manage your body then here is an answer.

For many years the marketers of shakes, lotions, pills and potions have found a way to sell their wares to vulnerable people who are searching for weight loss solutions. I'd like to end that.

Escape from Dieting has been peer reviewed by practising psychologists and was developed with you in mind. It is a complete program that will help you to discover where you are now and where you would like to be. 

Through a series of exercises that encourage your participation you'll come to a conclusion where you will make some positive decisions that will affect the rest of your life.

Escape from Dieting has been designed to get real results.

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What are people saying about Escape from Dieting?

I'm much more positive, I commit myself fully rather than half assed. I'm inspiring people around me and it keeps me going. I liked that it took me on a journey of realising what I do to not succeed and what it feels like to succeed. the motivation this book gives you is very powerful.  if you want to absolutely change your life you must take the journey this book gives. you will not regret it.


I can see a huge change in my attitude and confidence. I'm so much happier, I was miserable before I read this book. Reading it gave me motivation, which I still have. The way it presents the information it makes you think about it. It's so motivating and just everything. Words cannot explain just how much this book has changed my life. Read it! It will change your life. it gives you more confidence, look at me!


The book gave me the motivation to get out and exercise more, eat well. It made me more objective when it came to food. It's not just another diet. It's a tool to help alter your attitude towards dieting and weight loss.


It gave me the facts on food, nutrition and exercise and the motivation to change the way I think. you can change the way you think and things can change for you.


Escape from Smoking

If you've wondered how you can stop smoking effectively then you can look no further than Escape from Smoking.

This book has been designed to help you to understand what smoking does and gives you the methods to be able to manage your thoughts and physical 'cravings'.

Honestly, it's time to cut the crap, ditch the excuses and stop smoking today.

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Escape from Debt

Wouldn't it be great if global leaders read this book. With debt levels reaching astronomical heights both globally and locally there is no better time than right now to get your head in the right place.

Australia has been under siege by the banks and financial industry, the 2019 Royal Commission will shake things up but the real shake will come when the debt bubble pops. Where will you be when it does?

The banking industry encourages debt because that's how they make their Billion dollar profits. They want you to take that holiday that you can't afford because they will profit from it, not because they think that you need to de-stress.

Escape from Debt has been designed to educate you about the processes that are in place to keep you poor but make you feel like you're rich. It's designed to wake you up to the trouble you're getting into.

By discovering your current position, understanding how the game works and knowing what you can do to escape from the trap you can discover what it's like to live a life where your stress truly will be reduced.

It's time to Escape from Debt.

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Where can I purchase a copy of your books?

You can ask for our books at any good book store. You can purchase E-books online but honestly it is preferred that you purchase the hardcopy due to the nature of the book and the fact that I want you to use it as a diary and reference. it's hard to follow the format and get the best result from an E-book.

You can also purchase copies from us directly through this website.

Why Escape from?

The title was chosen specifically to highlight the fact that you're trapped in a system that is feeding off you. I've had a number of people contact me and say that they love the title because it truly spoke to them.