I'm much more positive, I commit myself fully rather than half-assed. I'm inspiring people around me and it keeps me going. I like that it took me on a journey of realizing what I do to not succeed and how it feels to succeed. The motivation this book gives you is very powerful. If you want to absolutely change your life for the better you must take the journey this book gives. you will not regret it.


I can see a huge change in my attitude and confidence. I was miserable before I read this book. Reading it gave me motivation, which I still have. The way it presents information it makes you think about it. It's so motivating and just everything. Words cannot explain how much this book has changed my life. Read it!

It will change your life. It gives you more confidence, look at me!


The book gave me the motivation to get out and exercise more, eat well. It made me more objective when it came to food. Trust me, it's not just another diet. It's a tool to help alter your attitude towards dieting and weight loss.


It gave me the facts on food, nutrition and exercise and the motivation to change the way I think. You can change the way you think and things can change for you.